New Haven continues using app to fix potholes

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Potholes are pretty much everywhere, and you don’t have to look hard to find them.

In the Elm City, crews there are once again turning to technology to help get the job done.

New Haven has been using the online tool, “See, Click, Fix” for a number of years.

When it comes to potholes, you can log on and let crews know where a patch is needed.

The developers say, by looking at the data, it is making a difference.

With their shovels and a hot box filled with asphalt, Pito Gomez and Robert Munro get to work filling potholes across the Elm City.

“There’s a whole lot of them out here. We’re trying to do as much as we can, as quickly as we can,” said Munro, New Haven Public Works.

No matter where you are, this time of year, it’s seems everyone has a story when it comes to running into these ever-expanding craters.

“Being the worst driver that I know, they’re everywhere. You need to pay attention when you’re driving and I’m on the road a lot because I’m in sales. I try to avoid them, but streets are narrow, cars coming, it’s a difficult thing,” said Mark DeFrancesco.

To help, once again New Haven is using “See, Click, Fix,” the online portal in which drivers can flag a pothole location, and quickly send a request into the city.

“You can report a pothole in 30 seconds and the city will fix it in a few days,” said Ben Berkowitz.

Ben Berkowitz who started up “See, Click, Fix” says since the beginning of the year, the city’s fixed hundreds of potholes, and from start to finish.

The timing continues to improve.

“Every year, it seems more potholes are reported, and the city is responding to more potholes. This year, particularly, it seems they’ve particularly stepped up their game in terms of response time. We’ve noticed I think the average response time has dropped to 3 or 4 days which means they actually fix it within 3 to 4 days,” said Berkowtiz.

With a list of hundreds of potholes that need patching, all crews are asking for is a little patience.

“Little ones get bigger, we’ve got to take care of the little ones too,” said Gomez.

If you have a pothole that needs to be patched, in New Haven you can long on to “See, Click, Fix” app and submit it that way, or just pick up the phone and call public works.

Crews are working to patch potholes across the state (WFSB)

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