Norwalk Connecticut Restaurants You Want To Stop By While On Vacation

There are so many great cities in Connecticut. Which one will we visit? Let’s go to Norwalk. Have you ever been there? This is a great city. You are going to love it, and that includes the restaurant I’m going to show you. We will visit four of them this round, so be sure that you are ready to eat some good food. Is anyone hungry?

What restaurant in Norwalk, Connecticut will we visit first? Let’s stop on by Valencia Luncheria on Main Street. It is after all the top ranked establishment in the city currently according to one travel site. As its name suggests, it is a great place for lunch, but make that brunch, too. They have empanadas, so I am already on board. One reviewer mentions that the establishment serves up some fabulous arepas.

Pontos Taverna is next up on the list, and it is on Isaac Street. Does a Greek Salad sound absolutely delicious right about now? One reviewer says this restaurant doesn’t have the same old menu you would expect, which is a good thing. That means the restaurant serves up authentic cuisine. Of course you expect the Greek Salad, but still, get a closer look at their menu.

Now we are on to a restaurant called Match on Washington Street. Menu highlights include steak, wasabi tuna, gelato and more. One guests talks about dining by the pizza oven, so you know they serve up some delicious pizza, too. There is a picture of a dessert on a travel site that shows the gelato in a bowl and some type of flat waffle cone stuck in the top. It looks scrumptious.

Then you have Post Road Diner, which is the last restaurant we are going to look at in Norwalk, Connecticut for this article. It is located on Connecticut Avenue, and they have what is called a Thanksgiving Sandwich. They also serve up corned beef hash, home fries, brisket and more. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a nice diner while on vacation? One person labels this a Greek Diner, but I don’t think so according to the menu highlights.

Now that was fun. How soon are you traveling to Norwalk, Connecticut? You have four wonderful restaurants on your list now, and you are going to enjoy them I know. If you had to pick one, which would it be? If you ask me, I would go to the diner and having a Thanksgiving Sandwich first.