The Best Places To Go In Connecticut If You Are A Tourist

A trip to Connecticut, one where you visit all of the major cities, is a trip that should be memorable. This means you need to do some of the more exciting things that people can do while they are there. This includes going to some of the games, casinos, and seaports that are very mysterious. It is a state that may not get the same level of tourism as California, or New York, but there are definitely things you can do which will make your trip very memorable. Let’s look at three of the best attractions that you will see when you get to the state of Connecticut

Submarine Force Museum

This is a place where the USS Nautilus was actually launched back in the 1950s. This was a nuclear powered submarine, the very first. There are places that you can visit, and actually check out the submarine. It’s a nice way to see a little bit of history and how technology has dramatically changed.

Mystic Seaport

This is a seaport which actually marked 19th century waterfront community. There are people in costumes that will reenact certain events, and you can spend time strolling through this village. There are tall ships that you can see, and the shipyard is well-kept as well. You can also get on the Mayflower II which will give you an idea of how early settlers of America travel before they arrived here.

The Mark Twain House

If there is any author in American history that is recognized, it is definitely Mark Twain. You will literally feel like you are in the midst of this great author, looking at the many different things that are on display. People that enjoy this tourist attraction will often recommend it to friends. Even if you have not read any of his works, you will definitely feel as if you know him better because of this beautiful display of history.

These things are just a few of many that you can see when you go to Connecticut. It is a state that has a rich history in American culture. From the house of Mark Twain to submarines that were used years ago, you will feel as if your trip was full and informative. Traveling to Connecticut may not have been on the top of your list, but once you have been there a couple of times, you will become addicted to this beautiful east coast state that has many attractions that people can enjoy.