Top 4 Reasons To Move To Connecticut

You Love Snow…A Lot Of Snow

The gorgeous pictures on postcards and calendars paint a lovely picture of snow-covered trees and quiet white-blanketed country roads. But it only looks like that for a few hours, until the morning commute begins.

The rest of the time you’re dealing with slush—or worse, melted and re-frozen slush—narrow roads, icy hills your car can’t make it to the top of, and bridges closed due to weather. So if the treacherous driving is worth all the magical sledding and snow forts built on snow days, then you’ll love Connecticut winters.

You Love Quiet

Quaint, cozy little towns abound here, and you may imagine yourself drinking a pint at a local historical tavern or reading a book by the fire. But as weeks turn into months, will you still enjoy the quiet?

If you don’t mind a small town without a lot of activity or nightlife, you might survive here. If quiet nights at home are your thing, you’ll love it. If you just need a night out once in a while, you can easily drive to one of the metropolitan areas nearby: New Haven, Hartford, New York, or Boston.

You Love The Fall Leaves (Including Raking)

With four distinct seasons, Connecticut enjoys a lovely, crisp autumn, complete with brilliant earthy hues as the leaves turn color. But you may not necessarily get the best colors every year, as the boldness of leaf colors depend on the temperatures and humidity that year.

Unfortunately, whether the fall brings gorgeous leaves of rich red, burnished gold, or burnt copper, or it doesn’t, you’re still going to have to rake up a metric ton of leaves from your front yard, all throughout the fall.

You’re A Seafood Snob

Connecticut is located right on the ocean, and pulls in great loads of fresh fish. Citizens here are used to the best, and can be quite picky about their seafood.

They also make their seafood dishes a little different here than in other coastal areas, which may take getting used to. If you’re a fan of warm lobster rolls drizzled with hot butter on a toasted bun, or chowder with shrimp in it, you’re going to love Connecticut seafood!

If all four of these reasons to move to Connecticut appeal to you, then you just might have a shot at fitting in and learning to love all that The Constitution State has to offer.